We love our little yellow man. And believe it or not, it really works to slow traffic.

-- L. Galvan, CA

I actually saw one of the signs while driving through the neighborhood were my daughter's elementary school is located. I have put them up in my own neighborhood and they seem to be effective.

-- Suzanne, Spicewood, TX

Exactly what I expected and delivered faster than anticipated.

-- Keith, Little Falls, MN

Great sign, easy to install in the ground. Prompt service.

-- Jeffrey, Lundenburg, MA

Already gotten a compliment from one of my neighbors for it. Big and bold, placed it right by the street and so far, hopefully it's made a difference in shaming the speeders, myself including. It's good to have a reminder of the kids, adults, and animals that could be under our tires within seconds.

-- Jeni, Tulsa, OK

I see cars slowing down more frequently because of this bright and visible sign. This message is extremely important and despite being in the ever changing weather, the sign remains firmly in the ground and the rain had not deteriorated the color in the graphics. Great product!



-- Regina, Wantagh, NY

Something that drivers will remember when they see it. I gave it as a gift to a guy who works by a busy highway.

-- JP, Santa Cruz, CA

Alerts drivers to slow down! People have actually stopped by and thanked us for putting out the signs.

-- Mary, HI

This sign stands proudly in my front yard for all to see. Great design and quality!

-- Connie, Nashville, TN

A great product that my neighbors all love...well constructed and affordable. It was quickly shipped and easy to install!

-- Nikole, San Mateo, CA

As described....as promised....Love the sign... It is big enough to see at a distance.

-- John, Hopkinton, MA

Great signs! Several neighbors asked where I got them. Makes for a safer neighborhood.

-- Roxanne, San Jose, CA

My husband wanted this for the grandchildren - he was thrilled!

-- Judy, Suffield, CT

Love my product. Great seller

-- Leslie, Bridge City, TX

Safety Kid- Super cute!

-- Maribel, Beaumont, CA

Great sign....it's ALMOST working with the chronic speeders on our street.

-- Marianne, Danvers, MA

Everything went well! Delivered on time and correctly! Thank you very much!

-- Mary, Council Bluffs, IA

I really like this sign. I live in a residential area, and with a new road that was built, people cut through my neighborhood to miss town. I can't stop people from cutting through my neighborhood, but at least I can make them aware that I don't appreciate it and that I have children who play in the area.

-- Kerry, Hudson, OH

I put this up on my street and it was awesome to watch people slow down to read it and then keep going... slower!

-- Ariemay, Meadow Vista, CA

We live on a windy road in the hills that many drivers seem to think is the autobahn. I put this sign at the edge of our driveway and from day one I've noticed drivers braking when they see the sign. The exact result I was hoping for with my 22 month old playing outside (with me of course).

-- Elizabeth, CO

Shows up well and is very effective. Highly recommend if you live on a street where speed limits are ignored.

-- Ronald, AK

Thanks for much for your brilliant idea. Drivers are paying attention when they near the board. It is so visible and clear and catching every drivers eye. I am most relaxed now when my kids are playing in the yard. I have not seen any driver not pump the breaks when they near the board.

-- Kesava, NY

Delivered on time. Product was as described. Love the red, gets people's attention. Bought the sign to stop people from driving so fast and eventually stop cutting through my street. At least people are going slower for now, even if it is just so they can read the sign. Sign material is good, even for rainy days. Seller was great. They have great signs to purchase.

-- Kakwol, OH

Very fast service and well made.

-- Rebekah, TX

Good quality and good price.

-- Stephan,


-- Karen, NC

I like that recently you see these signs everywhere and from a distance you know what they are about and a lot of folks slow down! Unfortunately there are those other folks that completely ignore them! I feel it's letting the people who drive through our neighborhood know we have children and also have our eyes on who comes through the area in cars.

-- Patricia, FL

Live across from a park and near a semi busy street. The city is no help, so I bought a few of these and placed around the neighborhood and they help.

-- Cathy, RI

I live on a busy street. I want to believe that drivers are taking heed. Few of my neighbors have inquired as to where I got them. Highly recommend.

-- Lisa, NH

Perfect, Perfect, Perfect: People really slow down when they see this sign - Signs that caution people to slow down abound in every neighborhood, but this sign really catches the attention of drivers. Countless people who have walked by have commented on the sign, and have asked where to get one. This sign is also pretty sturdy-- it has taken a beating from my 5 and 2 year old sons and is still holding up well. Additionally, it hasn't shown any signs of wear in the California weather.

-- Paul, CA

I was driving and seen your sign and I've never thought of driving like my kid is near by. I live right next to a 25 mph sign people go 45+ police do nothing. However you have changed the way I drive my self wanted to thank you!

-- Jon, Mancelona, MI

I've seen it work for most vehicles driving by b/c it reminds them they are on a residential street. A few neighbors bought signs for their yards as well. Several signs in a row sends a signal. Very sturdy sign and hasn't faded. Great price for a great sign.

-- Jennifer, TN

Nice size sign, very visible from one side of the street to the other. My neighbors commented very favorable on my putting the sign out, some thanked me for it - It's been out for several months now. We had severe winds and rains, which did nothing to the sign - still stands, still bright.

-- Lana, PA

Great idea! We put one in the yard yesterday afternoon and could already tell a difference in how people were driving on our street. Also, several neighbors have asked where they can get one as well!! Thank you!

-- Robin, Raleigh, NC

Can't wait to get these up on our signs in the neighborhood - the one I placed in my yard has made a difference.

-- Mark, Loganville, GA

The signs are exactly as described, well packed, shipped promptly. They are sturdier than we expected, have held up well in winter weather. Be certain to fully insert stands into the earth for wind resistance. We live in a suburban neighborhood with no sidewalks, but have through traffic which speeds down hills and around corners. The signs are eye catching, a reminder to look for pedestrians.

-- Cynthia, Silver Spring, MD

I would recommend this seller. The sign is exactly what you see in the picture and I received it within a few days of placing my order.

-- Jeremiah, Winter Haven, FL

Great product, arrived in excellent condition and on time.

-- Robin, Birmingham, MI

Product arrived exactly as I expected. Packed and shipped properly. Pricey item but it's not flimsy and alerts drivers in my neighborhood to slow down when my son's outside playing. mission accomplished. Good Seller.

-- Steven, Lithia, FL

My order came earlier than expected. I put it in my front yard to hopefully deter the speeders in the neighborhood. Thank you

-- Marilyn, Bear, DE

Signs came as promised and were put in our yard immediately! Soon our entire neighborhood will be displaying these signs to remind drivers to slow down.

-- Robin, Tampa, FL

I ordered a lot for our little street and just put out the pet signs. Seeing immediate results and have not yet mounted the kid signs. I live on a busy high school street where kids and parents speed. Nothing else has worked. Thank you!!!!!

-- Suzie, Mandeville, LA

It's a sign. Looks good. Is red. It can't be missed. RESPOND

-- Gerard, Riverview, FL

Great, large sign. Other neighbor's quickly wanted one!

-- Tricia Ann, Matthews, NC

Love it. Could save a life.

-- Gretchen, Fremont, CA

Luv it! Luv it! Luv it! And so do all the neighbors who want one for their front yards!

-- Mary, San Jose, CA

Placed sign same day as received. People actually slowed immediately.

-- Jim, Cold Spring, MN

It may be my imagination but it appears traffic has actually slowed down....love the signs...

-- Gregory, Tampa, FL

Arrived before expected ... exactly as described, easy to set up even in freezing temps. Today has been wind gusts up to 60mph and rain and they held up fine. Very pleased with these signs.

-- Laura, Cincinnati, OH

Love this! Bought one 5 minutes after seeing it in a nearby town.

-- Jen, Long Beach, NY

"I ordered one of these signs and have put it in my yard. I think they're awesome. Some people just need a little reminder!!

-- Carla, Waterford, CT

I've had two people in the past week stop at my house, get out of their cars, knock on my door and ask me where I got that sign. I had an extra and gave it to the 1st guy who asked. I'm going to get more so our neighborhood can be safer.

-- Cheryl, South Lake Tahoe, CA

This is what Aurora needs as we have too many speeders going through our town.

-- Stacey, Aurora, IA

"We've gotton TONS of compliments on our sign as well as obvious traffic change(slower). Neighbors are asking how to get signs- sending them to your website! Thank you- Thank you- Thank you!!!"

-- Marissa, New Britain, CT

"My neighborhood street has a speed limit of 25 mph. WAY too fast! This sign has slowed traffic a lot... great message!!!"

-- Linda, Rochester Hills, MI

I met a 5th grade girl who is trying to get the word out in the Yorktown area about this organization! Love it!

-- Christine, Yorktown, NY

"People drive way to fast on our street which is very narrow to begin with and no room for error. This always made me crazy and I couldn't relax while the kids were playing outside. This is a wonderful idea!!! We have a sign in our neighborhood now!"

-- Trudi, Hartford, CT

Thank you so much for what you do! This is a peaceful alternative to throwing objects at speeding cars! ;)

-- Andrea, Fort Campbell, KY

"I ordered a couple signs and have put them in my neighborhood, if I could afford it I would PLASTER THE WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD with them!! They are great! I have four kids so it gives me piece of mind when they are outside playing!!!! GREAT IDEA!!"

-- Michelle, Wethersfield, CT

I saw these signs recently and had to order some for my road. We already have signs up but these are "to the point". Great signs!

-- Rebecca, New York

Thank you so much! I really need these signs. I have 2 boys and my house is close to the road in the country. My dog was killed last week, and it could have been my boys! People speed like crazy. Thank you for this blessing of these signs.

-- Robin, Berthoud, CO

"I have three children under the age of 8, and although they know the rules, accidents can happen. Thank you for this extra precaution. I hope that people see it and think for a minute how their driving impacts so many more people than just themselves. Now, if you could just make a sign for people who talk and text! Thank you so much.

-- Amanda, Clinton, IA

"Within two days of having my sign in my yard, a neighbor has already come by asking where I got it."

-- Nicole, Wallingford, CT

I wish there was one that said kids and pets! Or another one that says pets. Anyway my kids are ALL GROWN UP BUT THIS IS A GREAT SIGN AND WHEN MY NEIGHBOURS SEE IT THEY WILL PROBABLY WANT ONE TOO.

-- Wendy, Edmonton Alberta, Canada

I have been looking everywhere for this sign but could not find one under $30. I greatly thank you for this item can't wait to get it!

-- Jennifer, New London, CT

My husband saw this the other day in a neighborhood and HAD to have one!! Hope this helps with all the people that don't obey the stop signs and speed through our neighborhood... wish our town would put up an aluminum sign at our stop sign!!

-- Jill, Birmingham, AL

"Hi! I live on a road where the speed limit is 25 yet cars and trucks speed by at speeds upwards of 65 mph! I think it's because we are on a straight away but its so dangerous! I'm so scared for my children. I would love to have some signs like this to remind the people why they need to obey the speed limits."

-- Sera, Sterling, CT

We need these ALL OVER Homewood!

-- Shawn, Homewood, AL

"Ours is up and attracting attention from folks who want a sign and also slowing the cars down on our tiny street. Our street has many kids who bike, walk to the beach and walk daily to and from the school bus stop. Great idea!!!!"

-- Rachel, Waterford, CT

Hello! I noticed one of your yard signs in a fellow resident's yard and LOVED it! I drove back (after making a safe & legal U-turn of course, lol) and rang her door bell to ask if she sold them, I wanted to buy one on the spot! She directed me to you! I just ordered 2 and may be back to order more once my neighbors see it. I know it works...it made ME slow down! Wishing you continued success.

-- Deb, North Kingstown, RI

"Planning on putting it in front of the home daycare my kids attend! Thanks so much!"

-- Sarah, Middletown, CT

"Everytime I see one of these signs I automatically slow down. It definitely helps me to rethink the way that I drive. Thank you!!!"

-- Hanna, Bristol, CT

"Thanks for a great and polite way to remind people to drive safely."

-- Jennine, Hobe Sound, FL

" I think this is the best thing ever. I live on a road that has many people speeding. I have a 5 year old that loves to ride his bike, has a friend that lives across the road. -

-- Jeff, Denver, CO

"I would love to get some of the signs for our very busy neighborhood street. We have had speed humps turned down by a few neighbors, so we need a deterent! -

-- Kim, Hudson, NH

Thank you so much!"

-- , Cockeysville, MD

It all started with your signs.... Delran now has a "Drive" awareness program because I wanted to slow down the speeders on my street. You are making a difference all over this country with your drive signs. Thank you!

-- Lona, Delran, NJ

"I'm happy to report that my neighbor up the street who asked about my sign now has one in his yard!! Also, another neighbor came by just now to inquire about it, and she said there's 9 more families that want one!"

-- Nicole, Mystic, CT

I love being known as the guy with "the sign" in the small town I live in.

-- Dustin, New Praque, MN

Use this sign @ 2 campgrounds over the past few yrs. Always get asked where I got them. They do make an impact.

-- Betty, New Bedford, MA

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