Drive Like Your Kids Live Here" Strikes a Nerve in Los Altos


 I just knew there had to be a story behind the "Drive Like Your Child Lives Here" signs that are popping up all over the neighborhood, and sure enough, it is a great story.

 Petulia Pugliares, who hails from historical Wethersfield located in the middle of Connecticut, became frustrated by motorists speeding through her neighborhood while out on a walk with her husband.

"I turned to my husband and said, 'This is ridiculous,' "Pugliares said, " 'People wouldn't drive like this if their own kids lived here.' "

 This led to Pugliares making signs that read, "Drive Like Your Kids LIve Here" to place in the neighborhood. Soon friends and neighbors were asking her for the signs as well. In May 2010 Pugliares began selling the signs through the website with the proceeds going to either producing new signs or given as donations to charity organizations.

Petulia should be proud because two years later and 3,000 miles away her message is being received loud and clear in our Long Beach neighborhoods. I admit I was a nay-sayer, thinking the signs made the neighborhood look cluttered but I have to admit it is a good and necessary message. True we still have the speed demons but I know they make me personally slow down and think before I accelerate.

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