“Drive Like Your Kids Live Here” signs: The trend that’ll save lives

by Christina Hughes Babb
Screen Shot 2014 06 01 at 10.21.33 PM Drive Like Your Kids Live Here signs: The trend thatll save lives


Signs on Broken Bow in Lake Highlands read, “Drive Like Your Kids Live Here”: Photo submitted by Barbara Sanders

You might have seen these signs around. They are becoming quite popular. I did a double take the first time I saw one a few weeks ago, appropriately pitched in the front yard of a home situated on a treacherous curve near White Rock Lake, where drivers tend to neglect common sense, considering the heavy foot and bike traffic in the area.

The signs encourage drivers to slow down and use caution. Rather than commanding, “SLOW!,” these signs appeal to the emotions: “Drive Like Your Kids Live Here.”

Some of us have become desensitized to the traditional residential street, driver-caution type signage, and it can be easy to forget your speed when hurrying, going through those frenzied morning motions or somehow distracted. And kids come out of seemingly nowhere sometimes. These signs practically force one to think.

For now, they are quite effective — nowhere more so than on one Lake Highlands street, Broken Bow, where 23 out of 25 occupied homes in the 9700 block sport the red sign.

“Have you ever seen a block come together like this to make the street a safer place for children to play?” asks Broken Bow resident Barbara Sanders.

“With the onset of summer and kids playing outside, motorists need to slow down in Lake Highlands,” she notes. Unfortunately, I have had several people in the neighborhood admit that they are guilty of speeding on this street. Let’s remind each other to be respectful of children playing in the neighborhoods.”



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