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You may have noticed red and white signs sprouting up on lawns in your neighborhood that say "Drive Like Your Kids Live Here".  I've noticed them in my neighborhood, and I've paid attention.  I also assumed that there was a very clever and active neighborhood association that had made the signs for their residents' safety.  I was wrong.

Seven months ago Petulia Pugliares from Wethersfield, CT noticed how fast cars drove through her neighborhood.  She told her husband that she doubted they'd drive so fast if their own kids lived there.  This is a great example of an individual seeing a need and stepping up to fill it.  She did some research and what she found motivated her to have yard signs made up with that simple and strong message.

The research showed that 4 children are killed in the U.S. daily in motor vehicle accidents.  Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for children 14 years old and younger.  In addition, 500 children are injured by motor vehicles every day.  Children under the age of 16 have the highest risk of being struck by a motor vehicle.

Ms. Pugliares started a company to make lawn signs, heavier street signs, auto decals and baseball caps all with the message "Drive Like Your Kids Live Here" on them.  After four months she had sold or donated over 1,600 signs and had come to the attention of the local media.  It is a for-profit company but they donate a portion of their profits to related causes.

They are looking for volunteers who will involve their neighborhoods and communities in the effort to encourage safer driving practices in residential areas.

The yard signs are 16" x 24", made from corrugated plastic, and come with a wire stake for $9.99.

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