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Petulia Pugliares lives in a neighborhood in Wethersfield, CT and although it's a fairly busy street, she never thought she'd be in danger when taking her dog out for a walk. However, that has turned out to be exactly the case due to speeding cars and there have been far too many close calls. "Our street happens to be a long, straight track of road and motorists driving way to fast have been known to go airborne as they encounter small hills in the road that they do not anticipate", Pugliares says. In her mind, in an area full of elderly residents as well as small children it was only a matter of time before something really terrible would happen.

In an effort to send a friendly reminder, Pugliares set signs out on her front lawn that simply read "Drive Like Your Kids Live Here" hoping that motorists would think twice and slow down. It turned out that some of the other neighbors loved the idea so much that they started asking her for signs of their own. It quickly became apparent to Pugliares that she was on to something. Others seemed to be as passionate about the issue as she was and it got her thinking that other neighborhoods around the country were experiencing the same problem.

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