Prairie Village neighborhood puts up united front on speeding cars

A group of neighbors along the stretch of 64th Street from Delmar to Granada in Prairie Village have organized to remind drivers what's at stake when they drive too fast.

The street on both sides is lined with signs that read, "Drive Like Your Kids Live Here." The proximity to Indian Hills Middle School puts a lot of traffic on the street, especially around school starting and ending times when students are being dropped off and picked up, according to the neighbors, and a significant number of families with children live along the street. The increase in student population at the school the last two years has added more cars and this fall the neighborhood notice more traffic cutting through.

Some of that traffic wasn't good about observing the 25 mph limit. So neighbors worked with Prairie Village police who put up a speed sign for a while and had patrols watch the neighborhood. "The police were very cooperative," says neighbor Elizabeth Arnold. She has young children at home and would like to think the front yard would be a safe place to play for them, but some of the driving behavior has caused some doubt.

One of the neighbors found the signs, part of a national movement to make neighborhoods more safe, and decided to place an order. Now, almost every house along the street displays one of the red signs in the yard - very hard to miss. It may be hard to tell if traffic is slower, but at least the signs get some attention, Arnold says.

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