Let's Slow Down - Drive Like Your Kids Live Here! A message from Essex Police Union and Essex Boy Scouts

You know that split second panicked feeling you get when you're suddenly startled when you're driving. It leaves you with a racing heart and is usually accompanied by a colorful expletive.

It happens when we least expect it, and for a little while we notice the world around us just a little more. We continue on our way, talking aloud to ourselves about what just happened, and before we know it that "close call" becomes a distant memory.

Now imagine if someone got hurt. We in law enforcement can tell you from personal experience it can be life changing. Not just for those directly involved, but for those close to them as well. Now imagine if it involved a child.

The Essex Police Union and the Essex Boy Scouts ask, that as we go about your ever increasingly busy day, when you see a "DRIVE LIKE YOUR KIDS LIVE HERE" sign posted throughout our community you take a moment to look at your speedometer. 

We also encourage parents to speak to their children about bicycle safety, how and where to stay safe while playing outside, and to remember to always "Look Both Ways" when crossing the street.

Speeding is the most regularly reported motor vehicle offense in our community. We as residents of the community are most likely to find ourselves "going a little fast" as we continue through our busy day.

Our hope is that these stand-out signs will inspire drivers in our community to take a moment, slow down, and "DRIVE LIKE YOUR KIDS LIVE HERE".

Thank you,
Essex Police Union / Essex Boy Scouts


Please contact CPL Russ Gingras with any sign requests, questions, or comments: (860)767-1054 or [email protected]

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