NBC 30 News - Signs Drive Home Strong Message

You may have seen those red and white lawn signs that have popped up around Connecticut urging you to "Drive Like Your Kids Live Here."  A Connecticut woman is behind the safety campaign.

Petulia Pugliares, of Wethersfield, came up with the idea just four months ago, as she walked through her neighborhood with her husband and noticed all of the cars speeding by.

"There's been one too many incidents where we were almost hit by an automobile," said Pugliares.  "I just turned to my husband the last time and I said this wouldn't happen if only people would drive like their own kids live here."

She decided to make yard signs with the simple, but strong, message: Drive Like Your Kids Live Here.  First, she researched the idea.  Then, she launched her own company online.

"What I found was the number one killer of kids is involving motor vehicle accidents.  That's all I needed to know and with that I just said it's time to do something about it."

So far, Pugliares has either donated or sold 1600 signs to people in Connecticut and 18 other states.  She's also received a stack of letters from people around the country showing their support. 

The signs are available for sale online or at YMCA's in Cheshire, Southington, and Plainville.  Pugliares is also talking to local towns encouraging them to put up permanent signs on heavily traveled roads.

"I think they're helpful if people pay attention because there are a lot of kids in this neighborhood and the cars just speed left and right," said Gail Kiniry of Hartford, who's daughter-in-law has a sign displayed on her Wethersfield lawn.

Through her research, Pugliares says she learned five children are killed in motor vehicle crashes each day in the United States.  She's hoping her campaign will send a message, and help slow those statistics down.

"If we can just save one I think we've done a lot," said Pugliares.



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